Katrin Greene’s Smashed Potatoes 2022 06 17

So, this happened.  Woot.  So WOOT, WOOT.  Book 10  Vine.  I’ve been debating about this one, but, to be honest, I’ve become addicted to it.  A sweet love story, wrapped in a lot of other stuff and emotions, and… well, stuff.

When I went to publish Vine, I found out that Hazel’s file was corrupted, so I did have to redo that one.  All fixed now, I think.  I hope.

Evan’s story speaks to my heart.  A lot.  But, then, they all do.  One way or another.

Book 11, Ivy, has been 80% written for four years.  12, Reed, I’ve been picking at for a while now.  13, Elder.  Oh, this was hard.  Very hard.  Part of why I choked on Evan’s story was because I know the series ending is coming up.  I know I can keep writing in this world.  I even considered writing a whole second series, just for each character already developed.  Another year, like this one, with each one echoing it’s previous year’s counterpart.  But I’m not sure each set of lovers would fill another whole book again.  I definitely think Eli will not return.  Just a guess on my part.

I have made sure that Hell’s Bells is on the each cover of the each book.  She is on Vine.  Hidden slightly, and if you look hard enough, she is there.

Wow.  Book 10.  My mind is blown.  Completely blown…