From the Author…

Hi.  My pen name is Katrin Greene.

I have lived most of my life as an office manager, accountant, auditor, math-geek, and applications specialist.  Sometimes this has been in someone’s garage.  Sometimes, a cube farm.  That’s my “work life.”

The life inside my brain???  Well, that’s a bit different.  A friend once told me its like watching glitterbombs go off like fireworks.

I try to live life with as little judgmental attitudes as possible.  Hard to do.  Hard to live up to, while being practical and keeping yourself safe.  I started writing as a way to cope.  Reading and stories and movies became my way of taking a slice of life and eating it, instead of letting it eat me.

Each of my worlds is a different slice.  My heroes are not kings or princesses.  They are people who see life and may or may not fit into it well.

My current worlds:

Being Casey: A burned-out forty-something divorcee trying to locate her laughter, a purpose in life, and hide the spaghetti from her mooching, adored, self-centered cat.

The World of Novo: a post-apocalyptic world, twenty years later, and how much fun some people bring into the world.

Haven Point:  A semi-rookie police officer and her dog in the Adirondacks trying to pay off her student loans and deal with a mother that is gender-biased and trying to marry her off…

See you around the stacks sometime!