The Many Worlds of Katrin Greene come alive here, all to play and to see and to comfort.

So pull up a rock, a chair, some cocoa, or hammock.  Sit in the sunshine or by the fire.  Have a chat.

A little about me:  I live in Upstate New York.  (If you don’t know what that means, think of pretty close to dead center, if you can do that with a weird shape.)  I live in a country-city, which basically means, I live in “downtown” but you’d never know it because less than 2 miles away in any direction is country and I have a massive, gorgeous cemetery beyond the cliff in my backyard.  The cool part is that the local library is about two blocks away from me while I still get the advantage of seeing deer, wild turkey, and an amazing tree line all year round.

I am a chameleon, of sorts.  I can live just about anywhere it isn’t hot.  Country, city, suburbia, deep in the woods.  Apartment, house, trailer, bungalow, you name it.  Just give me some Diet Dr. Pepper, some chicory root, a comfy pair of socks, and I’m all set.

What you won’t see are many pictures of me.  I don’t photograph well.  I wind up looking pissed off ’cause the light’s in my eyes (which no one ever wants to see on a cover), like a drunk woodchuck, or like the main victim in a slasher film after she’s kicked the bucket.

Each one of these below is a show of love, for myself and others.  The last one isn’t  done yet.  A verbal gift of affection, understanding, and encouragement given to me by Magoo (he hates being called that, but I do it anyway to tease him and to protect his anonymity) that will be added to as others are offered.  With Jana’s talented hands giving detail to those expressions- I see these, each day, and know my life is blessed.



In addition to writing, I garden (despite the heat of summer), quilt, crochet, counted cross stitch, design games, kayak, camp, canoe, study herbalism, and play with gadgets on my d.i.y. repair station.  When I’m not playing room ball with the cats.

If you would like to know more about Jana, please visit her facebook page at Canvas in Motion.

I hope you enjoy my stories.   Some of them are inspired from real life.  Some of them are from- hey… what if…  Please look around.  I am so happy that my Ridge Lake Series is coming alive.  Haven Point Book One is out.  I also design games for Murder By Six, Inc.

Have an awesome ~