Ridge Lake: Book 02: Rowan

Rowan by Katrin Greene
Rowan by Katrin Greene

In a world of raiders, indent gangs, and acid rain, a sleepy little town is no longer safe…

With his daughter Elizabet nearly dying and now not speaking to him, Myles Gibson has some tough decisions to make.  His family is torn apart.  His promise to his dead wife broken by the very people he’d counted on to help him keep it.  With his life obliterated by one selfish act, how would he survive?  Survive.  And maybe find a way to reconnect with the daughter he loves beyond reason.  Myles knows he’s been lucky.  Has it finally run out?  Or does he go for the brass ring?

Rowan’s been watching a tortured Myles Gibson sit in her bar, Yugi’s, day after day.  Dealing with reporters and his shrewish, demanding sister.  His life, along with his daughter Elizabet’s, played out on national TV for everyone to see.

While the influx of cash is an answer to her troubles, having that many reporters underfoot at the tavern is making life difficult.  As if she didn’t have enough to deal with, her ex-husband, Eli, is rearing his ugly head.  Again.  They’ve been warring for a decade.  He wants Yugi’s for himself.

Eli’s a well-known local raider.  His reputation is fierce enough, with several murders, kidnappings, and arson under his belt to back up his threats.  Rowan, however, hasn’t backed down yet.  Much to her sort-of brother Jordan’s awe and dismay.

With the feud blowing up again, after the poisoning of Sisihall Creek and near murder of Elizabet Gibson, the reporters aren’t going anywhere soon.  There’s too much news in such a little country town.

With the Guard and reporters everywhere, will Rowan be able to keep Yugi’s secrets?  The ones passed down to her from generations?  Or will Eli finally win and blow her to pieces?