A World of Novo- The Beginning of Ridge Lake

Twenty years  previous, the City Elite call it Fallen Stars.  When scientists decided to change the year calendar from A.D. to N.M.  Novo Mutanis….  When the satellites fell, crashing into the land, sea, volcanoes and bio-research stations, releasing a deadly combination of toxic chemicals, diseases, and radiation into the sky.

The water… all the water in the world is now acidic.  Burning to exposed skin.  It has to be  purified to be usable.  Life on Earth is still struggling to rise.

Living in the city means protection from the acid rain.  It also means high taxes, high rent, and high prices for the most basic needs.  Overcrowding and all the food has been processed with mushrooms or soy.  Walking down the street, you might just be murdered for having food or a coat.

Living out in the country, though, is worse.  There is almost no law.  Raiders and poachers run amok.  And there is no place safe from the killer acid storms that blow out of nowhere, decimating or mutating life without compassion.

Rainbow Bloods, they are called.  Whispered by those who survived wars, starvation, terrorists, disease, and cancer.  Those who are different, mutated, are feared.  Treated like lab rats and studied.  All in the name of science and medicine.