Katrin Greene’s Smashed Potatoes 2021 05 24

Have some exciting news!

I am about to finish the first draft of Hazel, Book 9 of my Novo series. I’m on the last chapter now.

With this book done, and some creativity, I plan on publishing four books by the winter holidays!

It’s starting to hit me that I am more than two-thirds done with Novo. Such great friends and my head actually thinks in their languages. I actually swore by saying “pig snot” the other day. LOLOL…

I have book 11, Ivy, 90% done. Sooo… 10, 12, and 13 to go. I’m almost sad!

But I also miss my cop, Jaimie, and her K-9, Moe. So much to get done, finally, with the Haven Point series. I think I may have finally worked the kinks out of not killing off one of my most hated characters! Ahhhh.

I’ve also decided, for mental health reasons, not to finish or publish Being Casey. I was holding on to too much anger, even though I had come up with some fun characters. Watching Casey’s life unravel and get put back together, the way I would have preferred mine to, was rubbing salt in the wounds.

Well, it’s time for me to get back to Stew and see if his fingers get singed by the peaches. When I’m done with this chapter, I go back to OpCar in Hawthorne and do my final edit…. Can’t wait. June is one week away and I plan on having that baby out by the 15th…

Cheers, everyone!