Ridge Lake: Book 01: Beth

In the city-state of Taliville, Elizabet Gibson, accountant, is both grateful and bored.  She was barely twelve when the skies fell in.  Her father and aunts are still alive and relatively healthy.  She has a job at Phyonplex- a soy-glass manufacturing plant.

Beth By Katrin Greene
Beth By Katrin Greene

She’s grateful to have a paying job, her own minuscule apartment that costs most of her monthly pay, and her best friend, Ashley Monahan.  They shop.  Go for drinks at Cosgrove’s Bar.  And life seems like what she remembers from her mother’s lifetime.

The friends, eager to see something new, take a daring trip to the country in an armored bus to the little township of Ridge Lake.  Elizabet comes home to find that her apartment has been broken into, her landlord up in arms and about to massively fine her on top of raising her rent, and trying to find a way to keep her life intact so that she does not wind up on the streets avoiding indent gangs, or worse… having to live with either one of her snobby, elitist aunts.  Both of whom are trying to breed her off to “enhance the right kind of DNA.”  All while harboring a dangerous secret.

Jordan Kearney, retired Sergeant Grand Master of the Guard and now Chief of Police in Ridge Lake, a title he scoffs at since he’s the only cop in nearly three hundred miles outside the City-State, has kept his focus on keeping his little family and township safe and alive from a deadly raider by the name of Eli.  He has no idea about the terrorist that has an eye on his home town.  The absolute chaos Elizabet is about to spark in his life.  The number of laws, the ones Jordan swore on his life to uphold, that he’s going to have to break.  Under the noses of his old unit.