Ridge Lake: Book 03: Ash

Ash by Katrin Greene

In a world of raiders, indent gangs, and acid rain, hiding a dangerous secret continues…

Ashley comes seeking her best friend, Elizabet, when she runs into trouble inside the City-State of Taliville.

She is damaged, inside and out, never to be the same again.  All she knows is that her life, as she has known it, is over.   Ashley knows there is trouble in Ridge Lake.  But she knows nothing of the Daughter-Father Gibson Duo’s secret.

Only that a country cop, Elizabet’s boyfriend Jordan, could very well be her only protection.  Only that the two people she has ever been able to count on are somehow mixed in with the terrorist problems that began her own troubles…

More heads her way as neither of the Gibson’s have room for Ash, obscuring their own problems, and she is hidden away in Neil’s apartment, to be guarded by a Massachussett’s Sniper- the very one both the townsfolk of Ridge Lake and the mass public call insane and dangerous.