For the World of Novo

For Novo, I wanted real people who discover that they are more than what they have been told they are, breaking out of the mold of main-stream society and learning how to live.

There is the cheesecake overlay. What bon bon would exist without cheesecake?

I mean, we are talking about a horrific event that killed millions and traumatized millions more.  Post-apocalyptic means hardship.  Starvation, greed, murder.  All the nasty things that exist in our world today, multiplied drastically.

There are those people that we meet that are undiscovered heroes.  People who make a world of difference without the guns or sometimes with them.  People who spread the goodness around that affects the world at large, just by being who they are.  Without parades or fanfare.  Those are the heroes of Novo.  You, me, anybody who stands up and says- “I am.  And I am not going away.  I am going to live and live outside your cage.”

All with the sugar coating, of course.