The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Catriona has forgotten how to be alive.  She goes through the motions, managing the privately held refuge and buildings in Camp Sedgeworth, a place that elderly Victoria DuMais’ family has owned for over a century.

Trina worked for her family’s construction company for years, teenager gopher to Site Foreman.  A hard job for anyone.  A harder job still for a woman.

She came to Camp Sedgeworth, deep in the Adirondacks, to help fund her family, taking care of her brothers and sisters when her mother fell desperately ill and the only income the family had was her father’s.

She came to dig Victoria out a massive mess.  Camp Sedgeworth’s former caretaker had bilked the owner for thousands and nearly had the place shut down permanently for collapsing buildings, mold, exploding plumbing, and all sorts of code violations.

She came to the mountains to find herself again.  To remake the image of being a complete hardass and put it to good use again, restructuring the children’s camp, instead of having it be a daily grind into her personality.

In spending her life for others, Trina lost herself.  Lost her identity.  Only to have that rough-and-tumble self-image even more destroyed by her abusive, controlling ex-lover, who will not leave her alone after a desperate escape from his deep-city apartment on what was supposed to be a romantic get-away weekend.

Now, months later, she is starting the final re-outfitting of the camp, ensuring that it will remain profitable in the summer and a private refuge the remainder of the year.

Will she find her way back to herself?


Wolf has answered a job posting in the Syracuse papers for a several month long job in the Adirondacks.  He is desperate to get out of debt from his ex-girlfriend.  He is even more desperate to get away from his father.

Confused about his nature, Wolf seeks refuge, any refuge, that has as little cost to it as possible, so that he can find away start over.  Figure out if his father’s suspicions are true.  Figure out what is wrong with him, as he doesn’t fit anywhere.  Doesn’t fit since his father deliberately crushed his childhood dreams, and talent, of becoming a concert violinist, because it wasn’t manly enough.

The passion for music that made his childhood bearable.  The passion for music that bridged the gap between a construction worker and Sara, his a high-class law student of a girlfriend.

He never stood up to his father, out of respect.

Both deeply wounded, perhaps beyond repair, when Trina and Wolf meet, can they help each other heal?  Maybe find a way home?