Katrin Greene’s Smashed Potatoes 2021 04 08

Okay, so… things have been a bit tense lately.  The Gods of Chaos must have heard me speaking with my sister two days ago.

So, with the Ridge Lake series, I’m actually in the middle of writing book 9.  Books 1-5 are out.  Jana has book 6, and I am eagerly awaiting her ideas for the cover.  It’s something I was going to work on today, too, in between writing about Stew.  Books 7 and 8, I have some tweeking left to do, but I’m pretty happy with both.  I try to write a book or two ahead, so I have some clue as to where I am going.

Book 9 is pivotal for many of the story lines in this series.  I’ve got a lot of details to work in.  Plus Stew’s supposed “romance.”  I have a basic idea what I want for this book.  But I’m still working it out.  I was taking a break and decided to jump on Facebook.

Many of you know I am very supportive of veterans, as well as active duty- homegrown or enlisted.  I’m also supportive of anyone with PTSD or head injuries.  Otherwise, Smashed Potatoes wouldn’t be written in the first place.

One of my favorite places to visit on Facebook is The Dark Side of Service

So, as I’m scrolling through my feed, I came across this:


I just about peed my pants.

This was my response:

So, as you know, sometimes, real life, like when I’m chatting with Jana, does actually change my books.  This one definitely will.  Definitely.

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